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As the name of our company - FULL MOON NIGHT TREKKING - suggests, we will try to organise and time our trips so that we'll be able to spend a full moon night in the mountains - camping on a pasture.
Full Moon Night TrekkingAbout Us
The Northern Area of Pakistan is known for its stunning landscape with excellent trekking and mountaineering possibilities. It is also known for a number of successful development programs working with the local population to preserve the environment they live in. In an effort to combine these two features of the area, FULL MOON NIGHT TREKKING was born, a trekking company promoting a unique concept.

As well as helping you organise and experience an unforgettable trip to Baltistan, the heart of the Karakoram, FULL MOON NIGHT TREKKING will make sure that the money you spend will stay in the area you've visited. Profits from our treks will support local projects initiated by FULL MOON NIGHT TREKKING. Our guides and porters are always highly experienced local professionals who know the area well and are happy to share their understanding of local customs, plants & wildlife with you.

Baltistan's dramatic and impressive mountain landscape is an adventure on its own, but hidden within these soaring heights and wide open spaces is a rich cultural heritage. In order to truly understand the mountain landscape of Baltistan, one should also understand the lifestyle and ecology of the region. Whether you choose to help conserve the snow leopard or to spend a night in a traditional Balti house, our aim is to link outsiders directly to local people enabling you to learn and understand the mountains and the mountain life.

The FULL MOON NIGHT TREKKING team is an international, diverse group of people coming from a variety of backgrounds, but we all share a passion for the outdoors and an environmentally conscious approach to travelling.

Shafqat Hussain    SHAFQAT HUSSAIN, is a Pakistani and has worked for many years in Baltistan as well as in the United States as a manager and consultant for wildlife conservation and social development. His love for Baltistan and its most famous endangered species motivated him to start Project Snow Leopard, a separate project of FULL MOON NIGHT TREKKING, which won a grant from the Royal Geographical Society, London.

ANNIE HARPER, first came to Pakistan at the age of 18 to teach English to Afghan refugees. She later spent a number of years working in the Northern Areas, where she met Shafqat, now her husband. Working as a micro-credit and Enterprise Specialist she has made herself a home in Pakistan as well as in London where she currently lives.    Annie Harper

Matthieu Paley    MATTHIEU PALEY, is a French photographer with an unstoppable thirst for discovering the world. If he is not travelling on assignment or leading treks for FULL MOON NIGHT TREKKING you will find him in New York City, his declared homebase.

MAREILE OBERSTEINER, a German graphic designer, is constantly on a quest of finding new ways to combine her two passions: designing and travelling. This quest has led her from Munich to New York and from Mongolia to Pakistan, where she spent a year teaching English and designing materials for FMNT in a small village in Baltistan.    Mareile Obersteiner

To contact us, please send your feedback and questions to info@fmntrekking.com.pk or fill out our online form.