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Duration:  7-10 days
Time:  late February/
early December
Altitude:  2,000-5,000m
Clothing:  very warm
clothing needed
Rating:  strenuous
Full Moon Night TrekkingTracking the Snow Leopard

TREK 1 - Conservation

The Snow Leopard Trek is our prime trekking package. It offers trekkers a unique opportunity to learn about the snow leopard and its habitat, and about how it interacts with local people, while trekking through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. While no guarantee can be made that an actual sighting of the snow leopard will be made, given its remarkably elusive nature, all efforts will be made to give trekkers the best possible chance to actually see one of these great creatures in the wild. It is highly recommended that all those who intend to go on this trek should read The Snow Leopard by Peter Mathiesson.


Skardu - Skoyo - Skoyo Broq - Guthalchun - Naghmajungma - Takht-E-Suleman (involves 4-6 hours of trekking per day)


  • Trek the most popular trails of the snow leopard
  • Search for and analyze signs of snow leopard presence
  • Camp on remote high pastures
  • Learn about livestock herding techniques and how farmers try to avoid snow leopard attacks
  • Spot other rare wildlife like the Himalayan Ibex, Markhor, Himalayan Wolf, Snow Cock and Lammergeyer

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