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Full Moon Night Trekking Home

Duration:  10-12 days
Time:  mid July/
mid September
Altitude:  2,000-4,000m
Clothing:  warm clothing
Rating:  moderate
Full Moon Night TrekkingLife in a Balti Village

TREK 3 - Culture

This trek aims to introduce the local Balti lifestyle and culture to outsiders. Trekkers will spend time in a traditional Balti village, experiencing the local day to day life, providing an introduction to local cuisine, music, crafts and social activities. They will accompany shepherds up to the high pastures and learn about their work and particular shepherd culture.


Skardu - Sadpara Village - Deosai Plains


  • Spend a night as a guest of a local farmer in a traditional Balti house
  • Trek to Sadpara High Pasture and live with shepherds
  • Experience the Deosai Plains' arrival of summer with alpine flowers covering the lush, grassy, undulating plains
  • Meet the Gujjars, the last nomadic population in this part of the world
  • Enjoy spectacular views of Nanga Parbat (8,126m)
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